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Who we are... a note from Dr. Collin Walding

 Hello everyone and welcome to Social House Chiropractic's new blog! We are super excited to have this space to share knowledge and insight to what we do at Social House and why are so passionate about what we do. This blog will have posts from both Dr. Collin and Dr. Kara about our thoughts about what we're seeing in practice and also general knowledge for health and wellness.  Social House Chiropractic is a neurologically based chiropractic office located in the heart of Prosper, Texas. We serve pregnant moms, babies, kiddos, dads, and everyone in between. When Kara and I (this is Dr. Collin) first began school we wanted ( we thought) to work with athletes and work with sports teams and do all that jazz with the gadgets and gizmos. It didn't take us long to realize that our passion did not align with that population of people, because quite frankly... It just didn't feel right in our hearts. Fast forward a couple semesters into chiropractic school and we had friends a

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